Bratislava landmarks

Bratislava landmarks

The New Bridge - constructed within 1967 - 1972 over the Danube-river, it acquired appreciation of „Construction of the 20th century“. Authors of the design, J. Lacko a A. Tesar designed it as a steel bridge suspended on a single pylon. At the top of the pylon, in the height of 80 m, there is a restaurant connected with the bridge itself via an inclined high-speed lift in one of arms of the pylon as well as via emergency staircase with 430 steps in the other arm. The bridge is 431.8 m long and 21 m broad of two levels. Total mass of steel structure, including the pylon, is 7,537 tonnes.

Bratislava castle - in the 9th century there was a palace and a basilica in the place of the present castle. The architecture of the castle is characterized by the reconstructions and extensions made during the Gothic and Renaissance period as well as during the rule of Maria Theresia. In the middle of the 16th century, Bratislava became the coronation city of Greater Hungary for 200 years and the castle became the king's residence. The sessions of the Hungarian Parlament took place there and the coronation jewels of the Hungarians kings were deposited in the coronation tower.

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